Posted on Apr 15, 2019

Security Heroes

So, you work from home and you feel secure … Really?
You might be feeling very content that in the most part you avoid the peak hour traffic and parking circus. You can schedule your family around your work commitments. You probably have a dedicated study area all set up with a cozy workspace ... but you are still vulnerable.
You can’t stay at home all the time even though you might like to.
Have you ever asked yourself ... “Can we afford the disruption to both our personal and business lives by the devastating aftermath of a burglary?”
A burglar is only interested in what they can grab for quick resale. Their motives are usually clear, supporting a habit, couldn’t pass up the open invitation, just to see if they are successful......
You, the victim, are left with the desperation and devastation that accompanies someone rifling through your drawers, shelves and belongings often flinging your precious possessions aside whilst searching for your hidden gems and some not so well hidden ... laptops, iPads, phones, jewellery and tablets.
It’s rough experiencing a burglary, I’ve been a victim, the mess, identifying what’s missing and dealing with insurance companies and perhaps landlords. However, it’s worse if you run a busy home office. Your livelihood is interrupted as well as your personal life. Can you really afford the repercussions, the knowledge that a stranger has had access to your client’s information as well as yours, the upheaval, the feeling that they may come back?
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